Παρασκευή, 19 Δεκεμβρίου 2008

Γειά σου Ρένα!

Geia sas,

Elpizw na eisaste kala.

8a h8ela an mporeite na steilete ayta na anevoun sto Internet giati den
yparhoun polla nea/arthra sta agglika kai o kosmos edw (kai genika sto
e3wteriko) den mporei na diavasei ellinika.

To ehw ri3ei loipon sthn metafrash!!! : )

To prwto arthro hr8e sto facebook mou apo to group twn Rage Against The
Machine pou einai oi monoi pou steilan kati sta Agglika.



hello there people. I wanted to report that a 15 year old boy was shot dead
IN COLD BLOOD by the police at 21:00 in the centre of Athens, Greece, on the
6th of December 2008, as RATM is a highly political music band, and this is
a political issue that is raised in Greece.

The death, the murder of innocence is symbolized by the murder of the
teenager. The murder of our freedom to go wherever we want and to speak our
minds... (the boy spoke against the cops and this infuriated them and
ofcourse the rage raised the gun, their power, and shot the boy dead).
Ofcourse this provoked a series of riots in a country where the problems for
the youth were already youth, and now here they are murdering us. The
negative aspect is that our cities are being burnt down, but who can blame
us now? Rage and injustice creates chaos and that's a fact, and ALL HELL
CAN'T STOP US NOW, the gates of rage are open and who knows how they'll be

Now things are getting worse as the murderers are killing the boy for the
second time, as they accuse him of antisocial and agressive abnormal
behaviour and the accusations are not even true, the boy was a typical
rebellious teenager who would do no harm but who spoke up for his ideals! So
we won't let them, we won't let them continue killing us...

The memory of Alex will be a guide for all of us, let him rest in peace and
Don't stop fighting AGAINST THE MACHINE, this machine that's trying to drin
our blood day after day...

I hope that the whole world will know about it. We need empathy and united

Thanx for reading this...



Here are some of the most significant incidents that have taken place in
Greece within the last 12 years:

20/1/96 while arresting illegal immigrants at Oropos, police officer
Dionysis Karakaidos murders an Albanian refugee.

6/4/96 25-year-old Apostolis Keramidas is murdered by police officer Savvas
Agapiou at Nikea.

14/6/96 Rural policeman Athanassios Matos murders a 20-year-old named Fantil
Nampoyzi over a dispute about two watermelons.

5/6/96 Police Constable Iraklis Nikolakopoylos kills Giorgos Fragkogianni.

23/6/96 Anarchist Christoforos Marinos is assasinated by the special forces
in his boat cabin (cabin 53 on the Pigasos).

10/11/96 Traffic policeman Dim Trimis murders Roma stall holder Tassos
Mouratis at a checkpoint outside Levadia

8/2/97 Erion, 19, loses his life after a bullet 'ricochets' from Miltiadi
Andreopoulou's gun.

15/4/97 Policeman Stergios Tagaras murders two Albanians at Kastoria.

25/5/97 28 years old Philippos Papadopoulos is shot multiple times by
harbour police for trying to sail in an abandoned boat. He dies from his

3/8/97 Ilias Mexis, 26, is murdered by policeman Tsagkrako, because he was
driving the wrong way down a one-way road in Nikea.

18/3/98 29 year-old farmer Ioannis Kechaitis is killed at Kastoria "by
mistake" by ELAS forces while are on patrol.

2/4/98 Roma Angellos Tzelal, 29, is shot dead by police in Thessalonica.

27/5/98 Eystratios Kyrelis, 30 is murdered in Xanthi by patrolling police.

5/6/98 Bokari Bacho, 28, is shot dead by "warning fire" from frontier

October 1998 Polish Smpompek Miesits dies in the detention rooms of Meligala
because the police ignore the doctor's orders to transport him to the
hospital urgently.

23/10/98 17-year-old Serb student Mark Boulatobits is shot in the heart by a
policeman named Bantouli, believing Boulatobits to be a thief.

27//1/99 Police officer Taoltsidis murders 23-year-old G. Migkipis in

13/3/99 Police officer Athanassios Kanabas kills an Albanian named Armpen
Bezi in Kozani.

16/7/99 Albanian Armpen Soyfa is murdered by the police in Florina.

16/1/00 24-year-old Roma Th. Basilopoulos is murdered by a police officer in

19/1/00 20-year-old Romanian Basilie Ion is murdered by police officers in
Bathis square.

22/2/00 Romanian Nikolai Gkorea is murdered by a police officer in

25/3/00 a 17 year old refugee, Nikos Leonidis ( Maria den lete edw ti
ginetai - den vgazei nohma h protash - please define) from undercover
policeman Atmatzidis in Thessalonica.

20/2/01 23-year-old Mich Kivwtos, who suffers from anaemia and heart
problems, dies in a Koridallos prison because the doctor's request to
transport him to hospital is ignored.

24/10/01 police officer G Tylianakis murders a 21 year-old Roma named
Marinos Christopoulos in Zephyri.

21/11/01 police officer Yannis Rizopoulos murders 20 year-old Albanian
immigrant Sentak Selnikoy in Amerikh Square.

1/12/01 Border police open fire on two young Albanians in a village in
Thesprotia. One dies.

23/9/03 Albanian Boylnet Mpititsi, 18, dies from gunshot wounds while trying
to escape over the Albanian border.

7/5/03 Aristeidi Neophytou, 25, dies under "suspicious circumstances" in the
police department of New Philadelphia. He went in for an I.D verification
and came out dead, having been badly beaten up.

24/9/03 Border police shoot and kill an 18 year-old Albanian while chasing
immigrants who had crossed the Greek border at Kastoria.

9/12/03 Iraklis Maragkakis, 22, dies from gunfire from the Special Guard.
The car he was driving did not stop at a check point in the Anogeion region
at Rethimno, Creete.

13/1/04 42-year-old Mochamet Chamoyt dies because of "pathological reasons"
while being kept by the Police at Rethimno; according to forensic reports he
had clearly suffered heavy psychical abuse.

13/3/04 30-year-old Gianteoys Kotseba from Poland dies in a detention room
of the police department of Byrona, where he was jailed awaiting deportation
back to his home country.

21/12/04 40 Afghan immigrants are submitted to horrific torture by policemen
and special guards (about 15 in total) at the Police Department of Agios

17/11/2006 Cypriot student Avgoustinos Dimitriou suffers heavy physical
abuse from 8 police officers dressed in civilian clothing. The police report
that "he fell and hit himself on a flower stand" but a camera has recorded
the whole incident.


16/11/1980 Stamatina Kanellopoulou and Iakovos Koymis die after suffering
police brutality while demonstrating to mark the fall of the dictatorship.

17/11/1985 Michalis Kaltezas, 15, is shot in the back of the head and
killed. Policeman Athanassios Melistas was accused of murder but escaped
punishment as he fired while he was "in the heat of passion".

All these murderers are free and live among us


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